divusi suk itb

Divusi was formed in 2004 as a part of Commercial Business Unit of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). With the most outstanding technological institute in the nation as its initial incubator, Divusi is committed to delivering excellence in its products and services.

Now, we have dynamically grown for more than a decade and all set to move forward to become one of nation’s professional IT companies, bring in comparable added values to clients and partners.

We are unique in a sense that we focus on what our clients need to achieve, not just want to achieve. On that ground, our deliverables are always efficient and more value oriented.

Divusi is moving forward to become a professional IT company, capable of sharing more added values to clients and partners. ITB is primarily the initial incubator, committed to delivering products and services.

Efficiency and increasing business value is our commitment. We commit to deliver the best value with a guaranteed and acceptable quality, timeframe, cost, and services.

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