The Mobile ATC Tower is used in an emergency when the main ATC Tower is damaged, or unable to function. For example, in an Earthquake disaster, ATC Tower is often damaged and cracked, so it is dangerous to keep using it.

In addition, the Mobile ATC Tower also functions as a control tower on an emergency runway in emergency response operations in the event of a disaster. For instance, the runway to be used by aircraft (usually small planes) carrying aid.

The GA-Mobile ATC Tower was created to fulfill this need. The GA-Mobile ATC Tower can also be placed in small airports throughout Indonesia.

In the Mobile ATC Tower, there is a Ground to Air Radio Set to communicate with pilots on the plane.

Inside the GA-Mobile ATC Tower, there will be a GA-Mini ATC System which functions to assist the ATC Controller. The GA-Mini ATC System will get data sent from the nearest RADAR plus the ADS-B Receiver installed in the Mobile ATC Tower in carrying out its duties to monitor the air-space and controlling the aircraft movement above it.

A generator is also provided to provide electricity for the GA-Mobile ATC Tower.

The Mobile ATC Tower dimensions can fit into the cargo space of Hercules aircraft. The rear wheels of the GA-Mobile ATC Tower are designed to be flexible so it can climb the rear door ramp of the Hercules aircraft.

Technical Specification

GA-Mobile ATC Tower