Airspace Monitor System

  • Is an Aviation-Safety support system
  • Displaying the real-time airspace situation complete with Data Block and Plan Position Indicator
  • Useful for monitor the airspace above the airport, but not for air traffic control purposes
  • Generally needed by an Aerodrome/ Tower Controller, especially at the airports that do not have surveillance (RADAR, ADS-B) or ATC system.


GA-ASM100 is a computer-based Airspace Monitor System that processes surveillance (RADAR, ADS-B) data and ATS-Message as the source of information.

GA-ASMP (ASM-Processor) and GA-ASMD (ASM-Display), which are the main modules of this system, were developed using the same engine as Ganesha Avionics Air Traffic
Control System, that has been implemented and used at Supadio International Airport of Pontianak and Syarief QasimII International Airport of Pekanbaru.

GA-ASM100 comes with GA-Chronus GPS-Network TimeProtocol and GA-Ethernity RADAR Interfaces that have beenproven and used in several airports in Indonesia.

GA-ASM100 is supported and continuously developed byIndonesian national-based company with reference to theinternational regulations and aviation safety standards

GA-ASM Processor

Surveillance sensor (RADAR and/ or ADS-B) covering a certain designated areas of ​ ​ airspace will be the input to the GA-ASM Processor (GA-ASMP).

GA-ASMP is capable to process RADAR data with several types/ formats, including: Asterix (34, 48, 62), PR-800, EV760, EV-720, NEC, and a number of other types/formats.

In addition to the surveillance data, GA-ASMP will also receive and process ATS-Message and Flight-Plan, then correlate it with RADAR to complete the information in Data Block.

Here are some features of GA-ASMP:

  • Single RADAR and/ or ADS-B Source
  • Multi Source Surveillance Tracking, with multiple Algorithm of Surveillance Data Filter Decision
  • RADAR By-Pass
  • RADAR Data Filter
  • RADAR Mode Support
  • Receive and Process ATS- Messages and Flight-Plans

GA-ASM Display

GA-ASMD is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that provides interaction functions between user(s) and the systemFeatures of GA-HMI are:

  • Multi Layer Map – Private Map – Map Editor
  • RADAR Reinforce
  • PSR & SSR Tracks (Plots) Display
  • Advance Track Label
  • Situation Display Filter
  • Range Bearing, Range Ring & Range Center
  • Plan Position Indicator (PPI): Track Trail (History), Velocity Vector, Auto Offset
  • Configurable PPI
  • Configurable Data Block