IT development is about system development to enhance corporate’s or organization’s performance. In IT development, occasionally, utilization, integration or implementation of other mature system is needed. We establish partnership with those products’ owner to flesh out our complete solutions.

List of brands integrated to our solutions are Oracle, SAS, ELO Digital Office and Pentaho.

Leading products or IT Development Unit:

  • Academic Information System, an integrated backbone system for academic institution governance, with wide range of functionality from submission up to alumnus management.
  • Decision Support System and Business Intelligence.
  • Enterprise Social Network, a social network system for working environment of specific organization.
  • Location Based Advertising System, a smart mobile advertising system that enables distance sensitiveness and user’s preferences.
  • CSR Portal, a portal that functions as a bridge between company’s CSR management with micro business owner that supports funding activity management between them.
  • Project Monitoring System, a business opportunities tracking system.