Information Technology Consulting
Divusi has been developing a particular framework to simplify the process of planning and design, such as in oil and gas business.
Navigation and Surveillance
Divusi now has a special distinct expertise in the domain of air traffic management, which operates under Ganesha Avionics.
Creative Media
Creative Media is a Divusi’s business unit that focuses on multimedia appliances and social media utilization for corporate business development.

Navigation and Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance

Hardware Centric Programming

IT Consulting

Creative Media

CISA Review Course 2017

Bagi profesional dan organisasi di seluruh dunia, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) dikenal sebagai pengakuan terhadap kompetensi serta pengalaman dalam penjaminan keamanan serta integritas informasi sebagai asset penting perusahaan.

Keberhasilan dalam mengikuti ujian sertifikasi CISA, ditentukan oleh pengalaman, kompetensi, serta didukung juga oleh pemahaman terstruktur mengenai framework audit sistem informasi.

CISA Review Course merupakan program pelatihan persiapan ujian sertifikasi CISA yang ditujukan bagi professional IT perusahaan, pelaksana audit IT, konsultan, serta praktisi IT lainnya, yang bertujuan untuk memberikan pemahaman terstruktur mengenai audit IT, latihan ujian, serta simulasi, sehingga peserta pelatihan memiliki kesiapan yang matang dalam menghadapi ujian sertifikasi.


Our Vision

Established as an information technology company, Divusi will excel itself to become a credible and trusted information and communication technology solution provider in ASEAN.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver best fit and efficient solutions to our clients in all aspects, especially the quality of products and services, timeframe, cost, and delivery.

We also value mutual benefit and cooperation and respect solid partnership.

Our Value

Three imperative values are derived from our spirit and shared dream. Creative, Critical, and Credible are the values that enable us to work with the utmost resourcefulness, without missing any important steps, and delivering assurance as we strive to become a credible corporation.

Our Culture

Through “Creative – Critical – Credible” as the driving force, Divusi honors its business and working ethics, innovative ideas, honestly, persistence and resilience, and finally respect that comes with all the positivity and efforts.

Our Clients

We are nothing without our clients. Here are government agents, corporations, and organization which are in our client.

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